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Print & Design

Products and Services

Use an affordable design & printing company offering good quality services. USE US!

Print & Design

.: posters
.: calendars
.: postcards/greeting cards
.: graphic design services

.: banners
.: flyers
.: brochures
.: comercials
.: business cards
.: comercials cover
.: badges
.: logo design
.: keychains
.: black and white/color digital copying (sizes A3, A4)
.: folding (cerlox & coil binding)
.: lamination(A4)
.: black and white/color digital printing (sizes A3, A4)
.: black and white/color digital scanning (size A4)

Employees, co-workers and business partners will be excited to receive at the begining of the years calendars which will also promote your business.

Posters must be created to attract audience attention. Printing services provide you with an excellent way to attract attention to your business.

Personalised postcards will recommend you as company who give proper attention to those details that make the difference.

Personalised greeting card means more than a dozen cards in series: are a great way to provide customer service and keep your brand in front of your audience.


With us our customers discovered the perfect balance between amount of information and the size of a flyer. We understand that not everyone wants to keep every flyer: but our flyers are the keepers.

If you seeking to create image campaigns or advertise a specific product or service in any newspaper or magazine or website created by ROVIDOC S.R.L. your announce will not go unnoticed.


We are aware about the importance of the small details: your business cards are your marketing cards. Think about the ways in which you can improve your own success by following some of these simple, yet powerful ideas.

Logo design: people make decisions about companies the same way they do with other people: quickly from first impressions. Your logo is the first impression that your company will make and the first thing that will come into their minds when they think at you.

Some business owners might feel like hiring a big corporation to make personalised documents presentation for their running business place them in front of all competitors. Wrong! A specialized design and printing company is enough: can manage approximately all the demands to make the required personalised documents you need. That specialized company you need is ROVIDOC S.R.L.

We can create badges with your company logo.

If you want to make a personalised present like a keychain with the picture of someone special on it, or you want to multiply or to scann a document to fold it and laminate it we are at your service. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We always appreciate hearing what's on your mind. Your feedback, suggestions and ideas are what keep us going 24 hours a day.


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